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Did You Drop Your Phone Today?

Every day, millions of people drop their phones.


You take your keys out of your pocket, you drop your phone. You go to send a text, you drop your phone. You order a pizza for delivery and in your excitement, guess what? You drop your phone.


It happens all the time.


Luckily, phone cases and screen protectors can help minimize the damage, and it’s never a bad call to bet on the clumsiness of others.


Recent e-commerce data shows that sales of screen protectors are rising on sites like eBay and Amazon. In 2017, our purchasing index—which measures the amount of buying requests received by suppliers—reached highs of 87 in early January, after dropping (no pun intended) to 76 in February. In the past several weeks, the purchasing index grew again to 83.


To capitalize on these trends, think about how your screen protectors can stand out. Can you offer your buyers better protection? Scratch-proof or glare proof material? Bulk deals?


And by the way, in the time that it took you to read this article, how many people do you think dropped their phones? 


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